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familienorientierte rehabilitation pdf drachen von laas Founder/ MD, Berlin Startup Academy

francis bento inter ikea Investor/-in

  • 1.000 bis 5.000 qm BGF
  • Director
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  • Mezzanine Kapital (typische stille Beteiligung), Joint Venture
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  • Ready for any kind of investment opportunities
  • I'm the founder of Berlin's boutique accelerator program Berlin Startup Academy, and run Entrepreneurship Education at GTEC, Germany's leading campus for digitalization. //// Having joined my first startup team in 1999, I've been hosting tech events since 2008, leading accelerators since 2010, and presenting Germany's most successful Youtube talk show on entrepreneurship since 2013. In the past two years, I have been particularly active working with leadership teams of large German and European corporations and - in my role as a BMW Foundation "Responsible Leader" - social startups, helping both to make use of digitalization to re-organize, scale, and thrive. //// SCHLAGWÖRTER Start-ups
Mobile Devices
Mobile Applications
Business Strategy
Mobile Internet
Social Media
Product Management Venture Capital
Strategic Partnerships
Online Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Innovation Management
Digital Strategy
User Experience
Mobile Technology
Mobile Commerce

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